Culture is more than a buzzword

We don’t just want our people to do work and collect a paycheck. We work hard to create a good workplace. One where people back each other up. Where career goals can be achieved. Where the individual is valued more than the project. And where — yes — it’s ok to have fun. 

2023 Best Workplaces
Best Large Companies to Work For

We’re proud to be ranked #6 on Washington’s Best Workplaces 2023 for Large Companies!

What I love about my job

Ryan O'Connell / Superintendent

I have faith in myself, and my team has faith in me, and at the end of the day that is what I’m grateful for.

Destini Bell / Field Assistant

More than builders: advocates

Compass isn’t a profit-first company. We believe that the energy we put into the world is more important than what we make on a project. So we’re advocates for our team’s success. We partner with our clients. We champion our subcontractors. And we celebrate our employees.

Building your career

The kind of person who does well at Compass is someone who’s not content to sit still. If you have the drive, you have the opportunity to go places.

Scott Miller / Project Director, Compass

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