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Compass’s Retirement Plan is a salary deferral program to all regular, full-time employees who are age twenty-one or over and have completed at least six months of employment and the following pay period pay date. The plan allows eligible employees to defer a portion of their pay into the Plan.
Compass will match 100% of the employees contributions to the Plan up to a pre-determined maximum percentage (Currently 4%) of annual gross earnings. The Plan is a ‘safe-harbor’ plan which means that your contributions, and the Compass ‘safe-harbor’ match, are always 100% vested.

Continuing Education

Compass Construction supports employees who wish to continue their education to secure increased responsibility and growth within their professional careers. In keeping with this philosophy, the company has established a reimbursement program for expenses incurred through approved institutions of learning. If you are a full-time regular employee and have completed at least 6 months of employment, you are eligible for participation in this program as long as the courses are job-related.

Train Your Replacement

Our number one goal is to retain our staff and promote from with-in with a focus on “training your replacement”. By providing excellent culture, stability, and competitive compensation coupled with opportunities for upward mobility, we focus our hiring efforts on candidates for junior level or entry level roles and attempt to backfill any leadership/management roles internally through promotions.

Go beyond on-the-job training

Learning on the job is the first step. But every Compass employee has the chance to receive training, mentorship, tuition reimbursement, and other tools to help their careers thrive — including Foreman & Project Management Training, and a dedicated Train Your Replacement program.

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