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There are two metrics that we take exceptional pride in at Compass. One is the number of repeat clients, the other, our Safety Record. For the last four years, Compass has had one of the lowest Experience Modification Rates for General Contractors in Washington State. We are committed to the idea that the safe way is the only way. Our safety program requires all persons on site, including subcontractors, to complete a site-specific orientation in addition to adhering to general safety rules. Each Compass project has a Designated Safety Representative (DSR) that is dedicated to identifying any safety issues and exposures on site. Our Safety Director also routinely visits project sites auditing performances and educating personnel in best practices.

We’re committed to the philosophy that everyone is entitled to work under the safest conditions possible. We know that the most valuable asset that any company has is their people and we believe that our corporate goal of “zero incidents” is achievable.

We align ourselves with subcontractors who share similar values with regards to safety thus helping to ensure an environment where a respect and dedication for safety can thrive. Compass has made it the responsibility of each employee to maintain a rigorous safety training certification program for a high level of proficiency in understanding the safe working practices of their position. A bonus program has been put in place to reward project personnel for successfully completing a project without fines or accidents helping to ensure continuity of safe work practices.

With the cooperation of the entire project team and driven by the Superintendents, our safety program has proven to be highly effective. Compass’ “Build it Safe” culture lessens chances of accidents and injuries which lead to costly production delays and potential legal ramifications.

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Of all the contractors I've worked for, Compass seems to be truly focused on the well-being of their people.

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