Bryant Manor

1801 E. Yesler Way, Seattle

First AME/Lotus Development
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Bryant Manor

At Compass we’re always looking for ways to support our Puget Sound community. One of the ways we’re doing that is with affordable housing projects like Seattle’s Bryant Manor.

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Rehabilitating a Community Fixture

Bryant Manor has provided a home to residents of Central City for over fifty years. In 2016 Bryant Manor’s owner, the First African Methodist Episcopal (FAME) Housing Association, began efforts to rehabilitate the aging property. 

Meticulous Planning for a Bold Vision

The vision for the new development was ambitious: grow the existing 58 units into 250 units, in a new complex that would include first-time amenities like a ground-floor preschool, underground parking, a central courtyard, and a playground.

It quickly became apparent that the key to project success would be a well-planned preconstruction effort. Bryant Manor is a nonprofit-driven venture with funding an ongoing concern. With resources for future repairs uncertain, it was important to source durable, high-quality building materials and products. And in a construction market where price fluctuations were driving up costs for everything from materials to labor, it was imperative that we make smart financial commitments, and early.

We worked hand-in-hand with FAME for 2.5 years’ worth of preconstruction. In this phase, we developed the construction plan, coordinating the new structure to would marry up the with existing foundation elements. We expedited our procurements, so we could buy the materials we wanted before their prices spiked. And perhaps most importantly, we selected our subcontractors at fixed rates, many of whom were Women-owned or Minority-owned Business Enterprises (WBME).

Bryant Manor project site progress

A Home During Construction

We wanted to ensure that residents were disrupted as little as possible by the construction, and specifically hoped to avoid the inconvenience of temporary relocation. So rather than demolish Bryant’s six buildings at once, we conceived a phased demolition approach in which residents could remain in place as old buildings were taken down and new ones built in their place.

Looking Ahead

The new Bryant Manor is scheduled for completion in September 2024, quadrupling the number of affordable housing units from the original building. That is an accomplishment of which Compass is extremely proud — all the more so because Bryant Manor is our first affordable housing project. Our goal is to make it the first of many.