21 Boston

2100 Queen Anne Ave. N. , Seattle

Runberg Architects
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21 Boston

By any standards, 21 Boston is a big project. Sitting atop Seattle’s affluent Queen Anne Hill, the mixed-use development features three residential towers with 325 units, two levels of underground parking, and a 50,000 square-foot Safeway supermarket on the ground floor. It’s the kind of project that takes prolonged planning and a methodical pre-construction phase. 


Jump In and Adapt

For this project, Compass was brought in as the General Contractor just 7 months before the project broke ground.   Although we had not been involved in the pre-construction phase, we were ultimately selected by Owner barrientos / RYAN to build the project.  Our client was confident Compass had the right team with a deep body of experience to pull it off, despite the lack of pre-con involvement.

Jumping in with both feet, we quickly analyzed the needs of the project, wrapped our heads around the design and scope, and identified the risks. We fast tracked bidding and long lead material procurement and negotiated contracts to meet the client’s budget.

A Project with Many Facets

The Queen Anne project has a complexity that we’ve enjoyed tackling, starting with the neighborhood itself. Queen Anne Hill is an insular neighborhood with narrow streets; building there requires an extremely well-organized logistics plan, as well as ongoing community outreach to keep neighboring residents and businesses in the loop.

Then there’s the Safeway — literally a project within a project. We were tasked with creating the warm shell build-out and fitting it out with basic services. Finally, we aimed to build the entire project sustainably; we’re currently on-track for LEED certification.

Good Work Leads to More Work

Some developers might consider the selection of a new GC in mid-project something of a leap of faith. Luckily, we had worked with barrientos RYAN in the past, and had proven to them that we had the organizational ability to handle Queen Anne. When you’re transparent in your communications, see the big picture, meet risks with a cool head, and are consistently able to meet schedule and budget markers, clients remember you.