Gas, But the Good Kind

September 2022

Gas, but the good kind

It’s been a minute since our neighborhood update! Which probably means we’ve been trucking along with no hiccups and everyone is excited for the new building that will be completed in 2022!

Major milestones we’ve completed so far:

Structural concrete (one level of parking below grade for (35) cars, maintenance rooms, bike storage, etc.)

Wood framing

Level L2 – Roof penthouse east tilt up wall (8″ separation between Lucille building and our project)

Vinyl window and door install (at almost all the units, since we will have two unit stacks remain open for loading material into the building and a trash bin stack)

This week 8/23/2021 – 8/27/2021

PSE will be onsite to roughin for permanent gas for the project; the meter will be installed at the level L1 NW elevation by “UP’s” house. The street may be closed and the date is unknown, but please pay attention to the No Park signs so a tow truck does not show up to do their job.

Upcoming Site Milestones:

Building dry-in

Level L6 drywall cover

Elevator delivery

Storefront install (cover level L1)

Upcoming 68th Street Work (dates to be released later in 2021):

Communication parties tapping into conduits off the power line

Water and irrigation roughin

Permanent power

This is a quote to go with this particular project and will be about this long.

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